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A quick intro about Elevate Clicks.

We’re ecstatic to partner with Elevate Clicks, a PPC management company out of California. Their passion lies with online advertising and inbound marketing for nonprofits and small businesses across the United States. Their motto is to keep things simple, clean, and building long term business relationships.

Their certified marketing team works closely with companies, big or small, across the United States and Canada and help develop an effective online strategy that truly works.

Elevate Clicks doesn’t have clients. They have partners and we’re happy to be one. Their core service is Inbound marketing and PPC management, but we'll be working with them to manage to excel with our Google Grant account. Their strategy for our Google Grant account will be of the same for any PPC management client, but more focused on the nonprofit side. Their PPC management experience is critical to our online success and we can't wait to see results.

You can learn more about Elevate Clicks and their PPC management service by going to