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Photo Release

I, the undersigned, do hereby give full consent for the above named person(s), including minor(s) to participate in the Youth Science Institute’s (“YSI”) programs listed and I have read the cancellation policy. I agree to release and hold YSI, and its officers, employees, volunteers and agents harmless from all liability for any loss or injury to person or property.  This waiver is intended to be a complete release of any responsibility for personal injuries and/or property loss/damage sustained by any participant (or any guest of any participant) while participating in YSI’s programs, whether caused by YSI or otherwise. Should medical care be required for my child, I give full consent to the providing of such care by a licensed physician or qualified healthcare professional. If my child should become a disciplinary problem in the opinion of the group leader, I agree to pick up my child at a place designated by the YSI representative, however inconvenient that may be.  I understand that other releases may be required depending on the type of program. Further, I give YSI permission to use photographs, videotape, motion pictures, or recordings of my child at YSI’s program for any lawful purpose, including to promote YSI.