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Youth and Family Programs

Science Safari

Self-Guided Science Safaris

Exciting things are happening at YSI! Join us for upcoming FREE Self-Guided Science Safaris at our Vasona, Sanborn, and Alum Rock locations! From a variety of Scavenger Hunts to Nature Walks, we have fun-filled events that will help you get out to explore our beautiful parks while enjoying some much needed fresh air and wildlife! These are no-host events, but a YSI staff member will be checking everyone in and ensuring everyone arrives on time and takes the correct designated trail. We will also ensure everyone is staying safe by following the required protocol of social distancing while wearing a facial mask. Below are the dates and locations of each event.

YSI has incorporated new guidelines that follow all County and State protocol. This information can be found in the registration form. We are in this together, and YSI is here to help keep you safe and healthy while enjoying the beauty of nature! You will receive an email the day before your event with all the needed information, including your trail map route, and a list of things to look for while enjoying your surroundings.

If you have any questions, please email or call 408-356-4945 ext. 11. We hope you have a wonderful time, and from all of us at YSI, stay safe and healthy!
Upcoming Science Safaris at Alum Rock
January 30February 6February 13February 20March 6
Upcoming Science Safaris at Vasona
January 31February 7February 14February 21March 7
Science Safaris at Sanborn Coming Soon!
Virtual Storytime

Storytime with YSI - Deep in the Swamp

Readers count from one otter pup to ten baby crayfish as they learn about the special relationships between the baby and mom mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects that make their home in the Okefenokee Swamp.
February 6
Virtual Storytime

Storytime with YSI - It's an Ant's Life

An ant tells her story in a journal format. Readers will learn about the ant's work, what she eats, and how all her friends live and work together in the colony.
February 27
Virtual Storytime

Storytime with YSI - Insects and Plants

During this educational story, learn all about insects and plants!
March 13
Virtual Storytime

Storytime with YSI - Biggest, Strongest, Fastest

An informative introduction to the "world records" held by fourteen members of the animal kingdom. Each spread portrays an animal that is the largest, slowest, longest lived. Readers can see the animal's size in relation to something familiar.
March 27
Virtual Science Education Programs

Virtual Science Education Programs

It is with great excitement that we bring to you a new event, our FREE Virtual Science Education Programs! Each Monday at 3:00pm, we will offer a different program which we will host through the Zoom platform.

Each program will last 45 minutes and have supplemental photos. We will finish each program with a brief Q&A session.
Animals and Their Adaptations
January 25
Insects, Spiders, and Other Arthropods
February 1
Life in a Pond
February 8
Animals and Their Adaptations
February 22
Moving Exploding Earth
March 1